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Three best teams will be announced and rewarded. All the other teams which will visit at least ten hiking points will have an opportunity to win exciting prizes. The organizers will notify all the winning teams.

The winners will be announced by October 22nd 2020

Adventurous Hiking Game of the thrilling paths of Elva is supported by following companies/institutions:

Vapramäe-Vellavere-Vitipalu Foundation, Elva Cultural Centre (Foundation Elva Culture and Sports), Municipality of Elva, Tartu Observatory, Foundation Luke Manor, NGO Hellenurme Mill Museum, Lasita Holiday House, Verevi Motel and Elva Adventure Park (Werrew OÜ), Sääniku Farm Holiday Centre, Kiviranna Holiday Home, Tartu County Recreational Sports Centre (Tehvandi Sport Centre), Waide Motel, Pansion Hermann Guest House, Guest House Vehendi Motel, Estriver Cruises, Parvsaun24 (Loodusvaht OÜ), Aakre Community Centre and School, Lake Museum, Palupera Manor Primary School, Pub11, Restaurant Waksal Wabrik

  • Adventurous game in Vapramäe with the 3 h usage of Vapramäe Nature House together with cake for up to 15 people
  • 2 hour sauna evening on the boat Signild. There is room for up to 10 persons in the sauna and 30 on the boat. You can use sauna together with sun deck.
  • 2 night stay in Kiviranna Holiday House camping area or caravan park for 4 people together with the usage of paddle boat for 3 h
  • Accommodation in Waide Motel family room (4 people)
  • Accommodation in Verevi Motel for 2 people
  • Accommodation in Pansion Hermann Guest House for 2 people together with breakfast and welcoming dinner
  • Accommodation together with breakfast in Guest House Vehendi Motel for 2 people
  • Tour in Tartu Observatory for the whole team together with a board game as a gift
  • Tour of the Hellenurme water mill for the family (up to 5 people)
  • Tickets for two people for Elva Adventure Park
  • Tickets for two for the New Years party in Aakre Community Centre together with welcoming drinks and snack selection
  • Elva Culture gift cards for 40 euros
  • Tickets for four people for the events organized by Luke Manor in summer 2021
  • 3 litres of home-made juice from Sääniku Farm Holiday Centre
  • Aakre School shopping bag
  • 2 Elva Municipality Gift Bags with different souvenirs and products from local producers
  • 3 family tickets to Lake Museum (2 adults and up to 3 children from age 4 – 19)
  • Mug with the photo of Palupera Manor
  • Pub11 giftcard for 50 euros
  • Dinner for four in Waksal Wabrik
  • 2 hour archery package together with an instructor for up to 5 people in Tartu County Recreational Sports Centre
  • Giftcard for 25 euros for Parvsaun24 (Raft Sauna)
  • Gift bag from Rõngu Community Centre (snacks from Pärna Bakery, mug, pen)
  • Elva Nine-Pin Bowling & Resto: 2 hour Nine – Pin Bowling game for five people together with snack platter

4 h sauna evening for up to 9 people in Lasita Holiday House together with a indoor pool (from Sunday – Thursday, until April 22nd 2021)