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You will have a list of hiking points together with the coordinates and photos which will help you to find all the points.

In each hiking point your team has to take similar photo as pointed out in the instructions. The whole team should be visible on all the photos (if possible). In order to have an opportunity to win exciting prizes your team should find and take photos of at least ten hiking points.

You can participate in Adventurous Hiking Game on the thrilling paths of Elva from May 1st until October 1st 2020. Your team can choose the best time for you to participate. Adventurous hiking game is suitable for families, friends as well as colleagues. In order to participate in hiking game put together a team with at least two members


Who is the winner?

The winner of the hiking game will be selected by the jury which will evaluate all the teams and their performance. Each hiking point will give 5 points to the team. In each hiking point jury has an opportunity to give 3 extra points to all the teams

The jury will give points to teams accordingly:

  • 5 points will receive a photo of each hiking point where the whole team is visible on photo and location is recognisable for the jury
  • 1 extra point will receive a photo which according to jury is similar to original photo
  • 1 extra point will receive a photo which according to jury is cheerful, adventurous and full of joy.
  • 1 extra point will receive a photo which has been posted to Instagram or Facebook by the team while using hashtags #elvaadventures #visitelva

Therefore, in order to receive extra points, the whole team needs to put in some effort 😊

In total there are 32 hiking points. The more hiking points you will find with your team, the more points you will receive from the jury. The total score of points available is 160 (32 hiking points, 5 points each), the maximum amount of extra points available is up to 96 (32 hiking points, 3 extra points each). It means that the maximum amount of points available in total is up to 256 points.

The winner of the hiking game is the team which receives most points. When several teams receive the same amount of points, the winner is the team which visited most hiking points. When all the previously named indicators are the same, prizes will be selected by lot. Three best teams will be announced and rewarded. All the other teams which will visit at least ten hiking points will have an opportunity to win exciting prizes. The organizers will notify all the winning teams.


How to proceed?

What will you need to do in order to participate in the Adventurous Hiking Game on the thrilling paths of Elva? Here are the following steps:

1) register your participation

In order to register, you will need to select “Register for hiking game” on the offical webiste. After registration you will receive a notification to your e-mail address which states that you have been registered as participant for this hiking game. Please remember your username and password used while registering for the hiking game. You have to use same username and password in order to upload information about the hiking points your team visited.

2) Come and discover Elva area by experiencing fun adventures!

3) Upload information about the hiking points your team visited

In order to do so, at first you need to log into the system while using your username and password that you entered while registering for the hiking game. More detailed information about uploading hiking points can be found at the end of these instructions.

4) The summary of your hike needs to be uploaded to the system by October 1st 2020

5) The winners will be announced by October 22nd 2020

The jury will evaluate all the received summaries after which all the winners will be announced. The list of winners will be announced on the website prizes and  www.visitelva.com/elvaelamused (with team names), all the winners will be notified by e-mail as well. All the prizes can be used during one year period until October 22nd 2021 (unless stated otherwise). The time of using the prize should be agreed on both parties.


How to upload information about hiking points?

  • You should sign in to our website by using your username and password. In order to do so you should select “Log in” from the menu on the left
  • After that choose “add new entry”
  • Thereafter insert caption for your hike, please make sure to add your team name as well
  • Add a short summary about your visited hiking points a) into the white text box b) as a separate pdf file (below the white text box). In a short summary you can describe how was your hiking experience, which hiking points did you find easily and which ones were more difficult to find.
  • Add photos of visited hiking points (at the end of the entry). All the uploaded photos should be in jpg, png or gif format.
  • If everything is uploaded, press the blue button “avalda/publish” on the right side of the menu in order to submit your summary
  • If there are any problems or you need help, please contact us turism@elva.ee or phone +372 733 0132/+372 56354033

*Organizers have the right to use photos uploaded by the teams in hiking game activities